Content is a vital part of any website. This doesn’t just mean the content your small business uploads when it creates its website – it also means new content that gets added.

Websites shouldn’t just be glorified, static brochures. They should be living, breathing creations that keep getting updated.

With the right content, your small business marketing gets taken to the next level:

  • Your small business is regularly promoted to your target audience
  • Your brand becomes more visible
  • Your SEO improves

That said, not all content is good content. It needs to be relevant – for example, answering your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

If your small business is a local business, you could also write about the local area – news, events, history and the like. 

That way, if someone does a search for, say, “Smithville florist”, and you’re a florist in Smithville, all that content you’ve written about flowers and Smithville will help your Google ranking.

The other benefit of adding new content is that it proves your small business is active and professional. As we all know, a stale website sends the opposite message.

Don’t forget, when people visit your website, you have only a few seconds to capture their interest. Don’t waste those precious seconds! Instead, give your audience content that is going to capture them interest.

That way, your small business has the best chance of converting leads into sales.

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