Mortgage Brokers

Content marketing for Australian mortgage brokers.

Mortgage Brokers

There are about 20,000 mortgage brokers in Australia and 11,000 mortgage broking businesses, according to CoreData and IBISWorld. Those numbers are likely to keep rising given that over 70% of consumers now use a broker when taking out a home loan, according to Comparator.

With so many brokers out there, how can you stand out?

One way is to regularly publish high-quality content marketing.

Content marketing will help you:

  • Attract attention – by being the source of valuable news and education
  • Prove your expertise – by providing answers to clients’ questions
  • Differentiate your business – because only a small minority of brokers regularly publish content

Think of the most successful mortgage broking businesses you know. Chances are, all of them regularly publish high-quality content marketing. That’s not a coincidence.

How to market your mortgage broking business

Here are seven ways Hunter & Scribe helps mortgage brokers with content marketing:

  • Website text – your website needs to clearly explain who you help, how you help them and why you’re so good
  • Blogs – publishing a monthly blog is a great way to prove your expertise to potential clients who secretly visit your website when researching mortgage brokers
  • Social media – the more social media posts you publish, the more attention you’ll attract from potential clients and referral partners
  • Emails / EDMs – sending a monthly email to your database will help you stay front-of-mind with your old clients, which will lead to repeat and referral business
  • Media releases – a clever media release can help you get free media coverage and earn valuable social proof
  • Award submissions – winning an award would be extraordinary, but even qualifying as a finalist would differentiate you from 99% of other mortgage brokers
  • Ebooks – once you’ve created your ebook, you can offer it as a free download on your website and email it to potential clients at the first point of contact

Content marketing isn’t cost-free, because it does require you to make an upfront investment of time and/or money. However, if you regularly publish high-quality content marketing over the long-term, you’ll find a way to stand out from most mortgage brokers in Australia. That, in turn, could help you generate an enormous return on investment.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and help your mortgage broking business do great content marketing today.

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