Real Estate Agents

Content marketing for Australian real estate agents.

Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent, where’s your next vendor coming from? If you’re a property manager, where’s your next landlord coming from?

Real estate is an intensely competitive business. Part of the reason is that there are low barriers to entry, which means it doesn’t take long for somebody to qualify as a real estate agent or property manager.

There are 46,000 real estate businesses in Australia employing 133,000 people, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia. That’s a lot of competition.

So how do you stand out if you’re a real estate agent or property manager?

The answer is by producing a steady stream of quality content marketing.

Only a small percentage of real estate professionals do regular content marketing. Chances are, if you look at your local rivals, you’ll find very few are regularly publishing content such as blogs, social media posts, email newsletters, case studies and media releases.

That means you have a big opportunity to win clients at their expense.

How to market your real estate business

One of the keys to succeeding with content marketing is to publish educational rather than self-promotional or salesy content:

  • A blog about the link between inventory levels and asking prices = good
  • An Instagram post of you standing in front of a flashy car = bad
  • A LinkedIn post telling people to call you if they want to list their home = bad

The reason the blog idea is good is because it’s offering valuable information to the real estate agent’s clients.

The reason the Instagram and LinkedIn ideas are bad is because they’re focusing on the real estate agent’s needs rather than the clients’.

Whether you’re a real estate agent or a property manager, these are the five things you must do to succeed with content marketing:

  • Shift the focus from you to them – You’ll generate way more leads by being helpful than salesy. So stop thinking about your need to win another listing and start thinking about your clients’ need to find valuable information.
  • Deliver quality – Clients will judge you on the quality of your content marketing. If it’s well-written and insightful, they’ll assume you’re a cut above the other real estate agents; if it’s poorly written and banal, they’ll assume you’re a low-quality real estate agent.
  • Deliver quantity – The more times you get in front of potential clients and referral partners, the more leads you generate. That’s why quantity of content marketing is just as important as quality.
  • Play the long game – It takes time to build trust, credibility and brand recognition with potential clients. That’s why content marketing takes months or even years to deliver a return on investment, rather than days or weeks.
  • Be consistent – Create a content marketing schedule and stick to it. Clients will notice – and it will reflect well on you. That’s because people associate consistency with reliability and professionalism.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and help your real estate business do great content marketing today.

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