Commercial Finance Brokers

Content marketing for Australian commercial finance brokers.

Commercial Finance Brokers

What are some of the best ways for commercial finance brokers to attract clients?

Building referral relationships, investing in SEO, running Google Ads and attending networking events can all be successful lead-generation tactics.

So can content marketing.

Content marketing is when you publish written content (i.e. blogs, email newsletters and social media posts) to market your commercial finance business.

But don’t make the mistake a lot of commercial finance brokers make, which is to produce salesy content marketing.

That might sound illogical – after all, isn’t the point of marketing to generate sales?

Yes, it is, but you’re not going to make sales if you come across as sleazy and selfish.

Instead, you want to take the opposite approach. Publish content marketing that’s interesting and educational. (It’s fine to include a call-to-action in your content marketing, but this should feel natural, not pushy.) In other words, look to give rather than take. That way, you’ll build a reputation as a trusted authority figure.

Obviously, clients would much rather deal with the commercial finance broker who comes across as a trustworthy expert than the one who seems like they’d say anything to make a sale.

How to market your commercial finance business

Here are some interesting, educational topics you could cover in your content marketing:

  • Economic news from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, covering unemployment, inflation, economic growth, retail sales, wages growth and more
  • Business confidence surveys from Roy Morgan and NAB
  • Business finance updates from the Reserve Bank, APRA and Treasury
  • Commercial property data from CBRE, Knight Frank and JLL
  • Expert tips about working capital, business loans, commercial property loans, property development loans and low-doc loans

The more quality content marketing you publish, the more trust, credibility and brand recognition you’ll build.

There’s another benefit – very few commercial finance businesses do content marketing. So if you regularly publish quality blogs, emails and social media posts, you’ll differentiate yourself from most of the commercial brokers in Australia.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and help your commercial finance business do great content marketing today.

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