Content marketing for Australian builders.


If you’re wondering why the building industry is so competitive, this statistic will grab your attention – there are almost 400,000 construction businesses in Australia, according to IBISWorld.

With so many rivals out there, it can be hard to attract clients and defend your pricing.

Hard – but not impossible.

If you have a good content marketing strategy, the blogs, emails, ebooks, case studies and social media posts you publish will expose you to a wider audience and enhance your credibility. At that point, it will become easier to attract clients and defend your pricing.

That’s why your building business should seriously consider investing in content marketing.

How to market your building business

To succeed with content marketing, you should think of your company not just as a construction business – but also a media agency that provides clients with valuable, helpful information.

Every day, potential clients are doing Google searches and visiting social media pages to learn about things like:

  • Renovations
  • Design
  • Building contracts
  • DAs
  • Insurance
  • Property investing
  • Property and finance news

Whichever builder the client sources that information from is the builder they’re most likely to do business with.

So do you want that builder to be you … or one of your rivals?

That’s why you should think of your business as part construction company and part media agency.

If you have the time and skill to write your own content marketing, you can do it in-house. If you don’t, you can outsource it to a property and finance copywriting agency like Hunter & Scribe.

Regardless, you should aim to:

  • Create content your building clients find interesting, relevant and helpful
  • Publish it on a regular, ongoing basis

It’s also important to be realistic. You can’t expect to publish one piece of content and suddenly attract an influx of clients – the Australian building industry is far too competitive for that.

Instead, you have to play the long game. With each piece of content, your building business will slowly grow its audience and reputation, a bit like filling a bathtub one drop at a time.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and help your building business do great content marketing today.

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