Any small business owner can tell you that their customers and newsletter subscribers are a mixed bunch of people.

And yet many of them still send their subscribers the exact same newsletter despite technology making it easy to customise these newsletters. 

So if you’re one of those small business owners still sending out generic newsletters, here are three reasons a customised newsletter is more effective:

1. It gives you legitimacy

One of the ways that companies like PayPal combat fraud is to tell their customers that they will always address them using their full name and surname. 

In contrast, scammers mostly use generic greetings like ‘Dear Customer’.

So using your subscribers’ names will assure them the newsletter is really from you.

2. It gives your newsletter a personal touch

Starting a newsletter with a customer’s name also makes it personal – almost as if you personally wrote the letter to them. And this may encourage them to read it. 

And you don’t have to just insert it in the greeting, you can also address them several times in the newsletter to maintain that personal touch and keep them reading.

3. It lets you customise your sales pitch

Newsletter subscribers can mostly be divided into three groups:

  • Those who signed up for your newsletter but have never used your services 
  • Those who occasionally use your services
  • Your regular customers 

These three groups require very different marketing strategies, because persuading a stranger to become a customer requires a different approach than selling to someone who already knows, likes and trusts you.

And customising your newsletters allows you to write different content that effectively markets your business to the different types of subscribers.

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