People love stories. We’ve been telling them to each other pretty much from the get go. 

It’s fundamental to how we communicate and create relationships with each other. 

Our brains are hardwired to respond to a good tale. We actually process and retain more information if it’s told in the form of a story.

What does storytelling have to do with marketing?

Well, one of the easiest ways to make your small business’ marketing content more ‘sticky’ is to tell it as part of a story. 

Not any old story will do though. 

Tell the right story, and it will emotionally resonate with your customers. They’ll identify with your brand and what you’re trying to do. 

This human connection is a must in today’s world. What better way for a small business in Australia to stand out against the faceless global corporates?

How to craft the right story

Creating a compelling story is all about explaining what makes your small business special. This could be anything from your back story to your purpose and values. Perhaps it’s the fact you’re more local or experienced than any of the competition.

At the core of any good marketing story should be a message that your customers will appreciate, and want to share. So make sure it’s emotional, genuine and simple. Show off your personality too, as a reiteration of dry facts isn’t going to win you any new hearts.

How to use your story

Once you’ve come up with your narrative, make sure you weave it throughout all your marketing efforts. It should form the core of all your content – from website copy and blog posts to your musings on social media. 

If you’re struggling with how to craft (or use) your brand story, then contact us at Hunter & Scribe today. Our specialists can help you take advantage of the power of storytelling for all your marketing content.