How to make sales from email marketing.


If your business is like most in the property and finance industries, you’re sitting on a goldmine – your database of email addresses.

Sending emails (also known as EDMs, or electronic direct mail) to your database can help you generate more business.

But you can’t send just any old emails. Emails that basically say “We’re desperate! Give us money!” won’t work.

So how do you make sales from email marketing? By following a three-step formula…

First, you need to use enticing subject lines, so clients open your emails. This is the most important of the three steps, because if you write the world’s greatest emails but no one reads them, they won’t generate sales.

Second, you need to make your text clear, concise and interesting, so clients read to the end. Don’t assume that just because someone opens your email, they’ll diligently read every word. If they find your email hard work, they’ll stop reading and delete it.

Third, you need to include a call-to-action, so clients know what to do next. Make sure your call-to-action is enticing, clear and simple, so clients want to take action and know how to do so.

You might be wondering what to write about in your EDMs. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer expert advice – e.g. a credit repair agency explaining how consumers can improve their credit score
  • Share special offers – e.g. a mortgage broker notifying clients about a cashback refinancing deal
  • Provide product education – e.g. an insurance broker explaining how business interruption insurance works
  • Deliver a case study – e.g. an accountant explaining how much money they saved a client through expert tax structuring
  • Highlight media coverage – e.g. a buyer’s agent sharing the newspaper and website mentions they’d just received for one of their media releases

Whatever topic you write about, just make sure you offer value to your clients. That way, they’ll be happy to keep receiving your emails.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and send interesting emails / EDMs to your database today.

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