For all the effort that you put into your small business’s website, blog and content marketing – one of the most rewarding and instantaneous metrics you can get is your email marketing list.

Your email marketing list is a list of people who subscribe to your newsletters because they want to receive more information from your company. 

They may do this because they want to stay updated on promotions, because they like the content you produce, or simply because you’re offering something irresistible in return for their email (like an eBook!).

Why email marketing works.

  • Your subscribers get to receive highly personalised, relevant content
  • It’s a great opportunity to collect data and feedback 
  • You get to drive traffic to your site 
  • You get to forge stronger relationships with your customers
  • Sales campaigns become more cost-efficient with an existing email list

Effective ways to actually grow your email marketing list.

Attract them with existing content that’s amazing

Who isn’t sick of being constantly bombarded by emails?

These days, inbox property is arguably as valuable as real estate. For a subscriber to give you their email address, they must first be assured that it’ll be worth it.

One way potential subscribers gauge this is by seeing what kind of content you’re already producing. Your current content provides them insight into what kind of emails they’ll be receiving from you.

So, your existing content (blogs, articles, overall website copy)? Make sure it’s valuable and in line with the emails you’re planning to publish.

Offer irresistible freebies in return

The marketing term for this is lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of highly valuable content which is offered to subscribers in return for their email.

Reports, eBooks, workbooks…there are a million ways you could go about this. One thing to note is that because you’re essentially “bribing” subscribers for their email, many subscribers will unsubscribe after receiving the promised freebie.

With that said, lead magnets merely offer a gateway to prove to subscribers the value of your emails.

Maintaining an email list that’s engaged is tough work. You can outsource your content marketing to us at Hunter & Scribe! Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.