An automated email series is a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to a group of people on your email list. Emails are triggered by a specific event like downloading a PDF, joining an email list or purchasing a product.

An automated email series is a clever small business marketing tactic, because it helps you engage with your email database, build relationships and turn leads into customers. It also allows you to automate your business’s email marketing and sales, which in turn allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

So how can you create a highly effective automated email series? Follow the steps below.

Choose a goal

Your goal might be to send new subscribers a welcome notice, send customers post-purchase communications or something else.

There are also different ways you can structure the email series:

  • Regular emails
  • A mini-course divided into several messages
  • A link to a lead magnet for easy download

Segment your list

This involves breaking down your email list into smaller segments based on particular criteria like buyer personas, demographics, interests, etc. It allows you to send more specific, targeted, and relevant emails. And these will get you better results.

Pick the right email marketing software

You will need automated email marketing software, and it is important to choose one that fits your requirements perfectly. Options include Constant Contact, SendinBlue, MailChimp, AWeber and Active Campaigns.

Map out your entire email series

This involves drafting an outline for your email series. It also includes figuring out how long the series will last. How many emails will you send? Over what period of time? And how far apart will the emails be?

Write the automated email series

These emails should focus on the reader and they should be personalised. 

If you feel you can’t do it on your own, you can outsource the writing to content marketing specialists like Hunter & Scribe.

Monitor and improve the series

For the best results, you must analyse the performance of your email series. It will help you identify areas which need improvement. 

Pay attention to the number of people opening your emails. A small opening rate is an indicator of poor performance. Unsubscribes are bound to happen, however, a high unsubscribe rate indicates that you are doing something wrong.

The ability to automate and personalise an email series allows small business marketing campaigns to convert fans into paying customers.

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