Mandy Shearn is proof that small business leaders can achieve great marketing success despite operating with a limited budget.

Mandy, who’s the director and senior teacher at Private Yoga Brisbane, leads a team of experienced teachers who have been handpicked to provide exclusive yoga and meditation lessons in the home, corporate office or chosen space.

“The close relationships we develop with our students create a deep and lasting connection to the philosophies and practice of yoga for all,” she says. 

Private Yoga Brisbane invests in content marketing, digital marketing and online advertising:

  • Blogs
  • EDMs
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Instagram posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Simple marketing producing big dividends

Mandy says Private Yoga Brisbane’s most successful type of marketing is a mix of simple SEO and Facebook/Instagram ads.

“My website delivers 80% of my leads. I am diligent in updating content and adding tags to push up my rankings,” she says.

“I kept my business name simple – when customers search for private yoga classes … boom! There we are at number one or at least page one. Facebook and Instagram build brand awareness and audience engagement.”

Clever marketing campaign brings in the sales

Mandy’s biggest marketing success came with promoting Private Yoga Brisbane’s most recent retreat.

“I created a Facebook event, shared it once on a Friday night, placed one Instagram post on a Sunday night and sent one EDM to my small but engaged mailing list,” she says.

“I used a professional video created by the retreat venue, at no cost to me. I booked out the entire retreat venue within two weeks (20 students) and have a waiting list for possible attendees.”

Mandy wants to take her marketing to the next level

Despite all the marketing success Mandy has enjoyed, she faces two big challenges – content and time.

Mandy spends most of her day driving and teaching, so she has limited time to create great content.

“It’s hard to get a good shot when I am assisting people into a handstand!” she says. “Building an engaged audience is also important. Quality over quantity.”

Mandy says the number one thing Private Yoga Brisbane needs to do to improve its marketing is create a portfolio of images that can be paired with meaningful content.

“But who has the time for that?” she says.

“Realistically I need some help. I’m a busy single mum with a great little business. I have realised I can’t do everything myself. Outsource!”