Tired of repeating the same old message to your customers? Ideas are everywhere… if you know where to look!

But is content marketing really worth the effort for a small business?

Absolutely YES. If done well, your content is the foundation of your business’s online image. If your customers/clients love the way you speak to them through your content, they will be more likely to contact you, and become repeat clients. 

Here are 5 quick ways to find fresh new content marketing ideas:

  • Ask: 

Conduct a poll/survey on your social media platforms (boost it if you have the budget so you can reach a wider audience). Base your new content on the results eg: ‘75% of Australian cats demand more attentive owners: How to up your cat-ownership game’. 

  • Snoop: 

Find out what your competitors are talking about. Don’t ever ‘copy and paste’, but use their content to inspire some unique posts about your product/service. 

  • Explain: 

Video content is prioritised by search engines. Quick videos highlighting your skills/services are an essential element of your content marketing plan. Eg: ‘How to install your new on-tap water filter’. These videos don’t give away any industry secrets, but they help your customers make the best use of your product/service.

  • Get current:

Try to match your product/service to current events. Eg: ‘Chilly weather ahead! Why our cosy leather boots are a must-have’ OR ‘Beat school holiday boredom: Check out our fun kids’ activities’. 

  • Get personal:

Embed your own stories and experiences into your content. This endears you towards your customers and builds that ‘personal’ relationship – even if you’ve never met face-to-face. Eg: ‘My son loves my new gluten-free chocolate cookies!’.  

If you’re too busy to wrap your head around new content marketing ideas, Hunter & Scribe has a team of professional writers who would love to help you boost your small business with customised content. Get in touch here: [email protected]