Small business marketing is all about trying to get maximum impact for the least amount of spend. And that’s why your small business should think about investing in social media infographics. They are a great way of maximising the impact of your marketing dollar. 

What’s an infographic? 

Infographics combine images and text to engage both parts of the viewer’s brain. The visual element acts as a supercharger for the text so that together they have a greater impact than words alone.

Our brains process visuals better than words. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. We learn to read in middle childhood, but by that time we are already extremely experienced in navigating the real world using the visual parts of our brains. 

How to use infographics on social media

  • Good infographics make great shareable content. Post something full of useful and relevant information, that looks good and tells an interesting story and your followers will be more likely to share it. 
  • Infographics are also good at helping customers make choices. While a chart can compare lots of products, an infographic can highlight the differences in a visual way. For example, a greengrocer can create an infographic that shows the customer when fruit comes into season, helping to guide people’s choices of what and when to buy. 
  • Sometimes, it’s not easy to explain a process in words. Putting the process into an infographic has more impact and makes it easier to follow. Perhaps your small business offers customisation for your products. Show this in an infographic and you might find increased levels of take-up. 

If you like the idea of doing an infographic, but don’t think you have the time or skills to put one together, then Hunter & Scribe’s designers can help. Email us at [email protected]