Digital marketing may be becoming more and more popular, yet many small businesses in Australia are still getting impressive results from print flyers.

Here’s why your small business needs to seriously consider investing in flyers as well.

Flyers are cost-effective

Most small businesses should be able to afford a flyer campaign. Designing, printing, and distributing flyers is significantly cheaper than running magazine, newspaper or radio ads.

Flyers get seen

Another advantage of flyers is that they’re much more likely to be seen – either because you hand them directly to customers or customers pluck them from their letterbox.

And while people easily scroll past online ads without fully processing the information, studies show that they’re much more likely to remember content that appears in flyers.

When your small business should distribute flyers

Flyers are especially effective when a small business is new, rebranding or running a special offer.

If your small business is new or rebranding, one way to spread the word would be to distribute flyers in your local area, from letterbox to letterbox.

And you can use the same method to let customers know about special offers.

How to design an effective flyer

First impressions are very important with flyers. Attractive flyers get read; poorly designed flyers get discarded.

With that in mind, here are four things to remember with doing graphic design for flyers:

Say less rather than more

Pick one core message, and one message only. The customer needs to instantly understand what the flyer is trying to say.

Add a call-to-action

Once your customers have read your well-written and well-designed flyer, they need to know what to do next. So tell them. For example, “Text 0444 444 444 to place your order now.”

Add coupon or code

You need to know how many sales your flyers generate. So add coupons, codes or other tracking information. That way, you’ll be able to measure what sort of return on investment your flyer marketing is producing.

Make sure it looks professional

Flyers that look good attract eyeballs and generate sales. That’s why, unless you have a graphic designer in-house, it’s often a good idea to outsource your flyer design to a professional agency.

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