Mentors are wise elder statesmen who have been there, done that. They can offer small business owners valuable advice to help them achieve their business goals.

So it is surprising that so many small business owners don’t have a mentor.

After all, even the best businesspeople have mentors:

  • Steve Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula
  • Larry Page was mentored by Eric Schmidt
  • Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs

Here are four reasons why your small business might benefit from getting a mentor: 

  1. Experience

The most successful people are often the biggest failures. Why? Because they keep trying things. An experienced mentor will be able to tell you which paths to choose and which to avoid.

  1. Survival

We’ve all heard statistics about the shockingly high number of small businesses that fail in their first five years. But here’s one stat you might not know – small businesses with mentors have above-average survival rates.

  1. Support

Running a small business is hard. When times are tough, it can make a huge difference to have a trusted adviser who you can confide in, and who can encourage you to keep persevering. 

  1. Networking

A successful mentor will have a wide network that your small business can tap into. 

The mentoring page can help you find a mentor for your small business. If you want a small business marketing mentor, you can contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected].