Using humour in marketing is a clever way to make a campaign stick. At its best, humour is attention-grabbing and can have a lasting impression on a customer’s consciousness.

Most small businesses are reluctant to use humour because it is hard to be funny. For any growing business, it feels risky to attempt something unusual. These are valid concerns, but if correctly executed the attempt can attract more potential customers for the business.

Why small businesses should use humour

Most marketing is serious. That’s why humour stands out. The result can be a social media post that goes viral or a blog that gets shared repeatedly. Even better, people see funny brands as more human, relatable and trustworthy.

And because most marketing is boring, humour makes the marketing more memorable. Studies show that people are more likely to remember things that made them  laugh than boring information.

But a word of warning – certain humour can offend customers and make a small business look unprofessional. So you should avoid humour that cheapens your brand.

How to incorporate humour in your marketing

A touch of humour in any piece of content will instantly improve its value. For example, while writing an article about a complex topic, a light-hearted tone and the occasional joke will make it more appealing.

Humour works best when there is a shared understanding, so try to identify the common issue and create a punchline around it.

Keep it simple. To be effective, humour should be obvious. If it has to be explained, that’s a clear sign that you’ve missed the mark.

Examples of humorous marketing

Miller Lite – a pale lager brand – is famous for its humorous social media posts. Like this tweet: “We’ve got 99 problems but we’ll deal with them later. #It’sMillerTime”.

Photojojo – a photography business – incorporates humour in the footer of its Tumblr page: “Yes!!! You made it to the bottom. You should check out our freaking amazing store. And if you really, really like us, please follow us on Tumblr cuz that’s what friends do.”

The result? Those brands become more likeable and their marketing more memorable.

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