Have you ever considered adding Quora to your content marketing strategy? Quora is a great platform to support your content marketing goals. It can grow your audience and build your brand’s authority. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Quora, we explain what Quora is and why it should be part of your small business marketing plan. 

What is Quora?

Quora is a community-driven question-and-answer site. People post questions and fellow community members answer them — this can be Joe Soap next door or a professional industry expert. 

Quora also groups topics into what it calls “Spaces”, so that members interested in specific topics can follow those groups. 

Quora has a diverse and highly engaged community and, somewhere among them, are people who fit your company’s target market.

How can Quora support your content marketing?

When used strategically, Quora can greatly benefit your content marketing goals. Here’s how. 

Attract high-quality traffic

Quora users tend to be more educated — 65% have a college degree and 37% occupy management positions. They’re looking for insightful answers.

When answering questions, add a link to a blog article that further expands on the topic. Links should always add value to the conversation. Don’t drop a link for purely promotional reasons.

Learn about your audiences’ interests

There’s no better place to do market research than Quora. You’ll discover what people are talking about and the problems they’re grappling with.

By providing helpful answers, you’ll start to build your brand’s authority. Look for threads with weak or inaccurate answers and respond with detailed information. Where relevant, back it up with statistical proof. 

Generate topic ideas

Every content producer has moments where the creative well runs dry. To avoid writers’ block, keep your ear to the ground on Quora. When you know what’s topical or being hotly debated, you can create killer content that’s relevant to your audience. 

Reach more people with Quora Ads

Take advantage of Quora advertising for businesses. With more than 300 million monthly visitors, it’s a worthwhile investment. In fact, businesses using Quora Ads have reported conversion rates that are four times higher than on other social media sites. 

Quora is a unique platform and one that’s incredibly useful to support your content marketing, when used strategically.

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