As of today, you no longer run a real estate agency or a mortgage brokerage or [insert your business]. You run a media company.

Once you make that mental shift, you’ll suddenly realise how to improve your marketing and make more sales.

Think about the most successful businesses in your field. There’s a good chance they’re doing some or all of these things:

  • Pumping out blogs
  • Posting regularly on social media
  • Receiving coverage in the media
  • Appearing on podcasts
  • Speaking at events

In other words, they’re not acting like a real estate agency or a mortgage brokerage or whatever business they claim to be. They’re acting like a media company.

Change the way customers think about your business

Perception is reality.

What do customers think when they see a property or finance business posting regularly about a topic? They assume that business must be knowledgeable and passionate about that topic.

What do customers think when they see a property or finance business receiving media coverage? They assume that business must be trustworthy and one of the best in its field.

Maybe the property or finance business in question really is that wonderful. Or maybe it isn’t. Who cares? Perception is reality. So if customers assume the business is amazing – well, now it is.

The sooner you turn your property or finance business into a media company, the sooner your customers will start thinking those positive thoughts about you.

Five content ideas for your new media company

Running a media company is hard if you only know how to run a real estate agency or a mortgage brokerage.

So here are five ideas:

1. Publish blogs

Publish one blog per week. Your blogs don’t have to be long – 250 words is fine. Just make sure they’re relevant to your target market. 

To make life easier, you could also source content from non-rival businesses in related fields. 

For example, a real estate agency could offer to publish a blog from a conveyancing practice. This is a win-win arrangement: the former gets free content and the latter gets free publicity.

2. Post on social media

Post once per day wherever your customers hang out, whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Myspace (well, probably not Myspace). What should you post about? Whatever your customers care about.

3. Chase free media coverage

Each month, send a media release to at least one media outlet. Write about newsworthy events that are relevant to the publication’s target market.

Also, contact at least one podcast related to your industry and offer to appear as a guest. Again, you’ll need to be able to deliver content that is relevant to the podcast’s audience.

You should also register with SourceBottle, a platform that connects journalists with industry experts (i.e. you).

4. Get podcasting

Speaking of podcasting, you should start your own podcast, with your business featured as the major sponsor.

If you’re a local business, the podcast should have nothing to do with your business. Instead, it should be about your local area. So a property or finance business based in Smithville should do a podcast about Smithville. It should discuss Smithville issues and interview Smithville personalities. Word will spread in Smithville and your business will build a reputation for being at the heart of the local community. No one outside Smithville will care – but they’re not your target market.

If you run a non-local business, the podcast should focus on topics one step removed from what you sell. So if you run a mortgage brokerage, do a podcast about the property market. If you run a credit repair agency, do a podcast about personal finance.

5. Speak at events

Offer to speak at events related to your business. Why? Because when you appear on stage at an event, everyone assumes you must be an industry-leading expert. Otherwise, why would you be on stage speaking at an event?

Get a professional videographer to record your speeches so you can publish them on your website and your social media channels. That way, people who weren’t at the event will also conclude that you’re an industry-leading expert.

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