There are billions of websites on the internet. Big and small businesses alike are continuously striving for ways to be visible online.

What many small businesses don’t realise is one of the most effective ways to make sure a site gets discovered is by opting for an SEO-optimised website builder.

WordPress and Wix are both great choices for building a website. Both site builders have editors and templates to make your website look smooth. Both have loads of plugins that can add custom functions to your website.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of creating a Wix site:

Pros of Wix websites

  • Wix is simple and easy to use, especially if you have no coding experience
  • Wix has SEO Wizard, which guides users in developing SEO strategies websites
  • It also has Site Booster, which helps get your business listed in local directories and on search engines like Google

Cons of Wix websites

  • The link structure that Wix uses makes it harder for your small business to rank highly on Google
  • Wix does not provide you with the ability to add custom codes or edit current ones
  • Wix sites generally load slower than WordPress websites

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of WordPress:

Pros of WordPress websites

  • WordPress sites are very customisable in every way you can imagine
  • It’s easy to upload content, whether for your web pages or your small business blog
  • WordPress has plugins that help you create, optimise and promote content – for example, the Yoast plugin can check your grammar, keyword density, post tags and can even suggest a writing style that is SEO-friendly
  • WordPress offers many plugins for page acceleration, image optimisation and caching, which can improve your website’s speed and search engine ranking

Cons of WordPress websites

  • If you have no coding experience, it may take you a while to learn the technicalities of WordPress’ site builder

Both types of website have their pros and cons. WordPress websites, though, on balance, are better suited to the average small business than Wix. That’s why when Hunter & Scribe builds websites for our small business clients, we always opt for WordPress.

Hunter & Scribe can help small business owners in Australia who want to outsource their web development. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.