There’s little doubt that customers are more likely to buy a product or service from a business they trust. In a PwC survey, over 70% of consumers saw trust as the most important factor when buying from a brand. 

But in a world of online scams and deals that really are too good to be true, how do you build that trust?  

How small businesses can build trust with their customers 

Offer transparency 

94% of consumers say they are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency. Make sure your terms and conditions are written in simple language, and your contact information is easily accessible. Be honest about what your product can and cannot do. 

Create a trustworthy website

The first time a potential customer ‘meets’ your brand will likely be online. Make sure your website engenders trust, and you’ve already made a great first impression.  

Encourage reviews and testimonials 

It’s only natural for consumers to take what you have to say about your service with a pinch of salt! Back up your claims with case studies, reviews, testimonials, and other user-generated content from happy customers.  

Make your customers feel safe

Both human visitors and search engines appreciate a website with solid cyber security and data privacy protections in place. 

Offer mind-blowing customer service 

Make sure customers at every stage of the buyer journey can get help and assistance easily – from before they make a purchase, right through to after-sales. Do this well, and you’ve just acquired a customer for life.    

Use content marketing to establish your credibility 

Before a potential customer parts with their money, they research their options online. If your website, social pages, and the interwebs at large are packed with useful information that shows you know what you’re talking about, they’re a lot more likely to give that money to you!  

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