Some small businesses don’t have the time or resources to devote to social media management. So they do it on the fly, hoping that will get them by. This usually leads to a lot of irrelevant content just to keep their channels active or they post infrequently. 

So which is better — quantity or quality? Most social media marketing experts agree that good quality content always wins the day. Here’s why.

Why quality content is more important than quantity

When it comes to social media content, following the “less is more” approach may actually achieve better results. It all depends on the type of content you’re producing. How relevant is it to your audience? Is it useful? Can they trust it?

Poor quality content can lead to a disengaged audience and destroy your credibility. Low-quality content also doesn’t get much attention from Google, which means your content is unlikely to be found in searches. 

Good quality content, on the other, attracts more interaction, encourages rapport, and builds trust. Your audience will engage more with your brand and that’s what you want. Producing quality content takes more time but the results are worth it.

Quality social media content that gets results

Social media marketing should be a part of every small business’s marketing plan. But what type of content offers more value and gets more results?

  1. Long-form blog posts. There’s nothing wrong with shorter blog posts, but in-depth long-form content tends to perform better in search results. Once published, you can share it across your social media platforms as many times as you like to keep traffic flowing to your website.
  1. Videos. Video marketing can significantly boost sales. According to research by Wyzowl, 84% of people say they’ve been persuaded to buy a company’s product or service after watching a brand video. 
  1. Visual content. Visual content gets more views than text-only content. This is especially true on social media.
  1. Personal content. Everyone likes a story. If you have a heart-warming or inspiring brand, customer or even employee story, share it with your social media followers. Because personal stories are relatable, more people engage with it.
  1. Humourous content. Why do memes do so well on the internet? Because most of them are funny, and people like funny stuff. It makes them hit the “share” button.

Keeping a steady stream of quality content flowing on your social media channels is possible if you outsource it to a content agency. At Hunter & Scribe, we’ll work with you to create amazing content your audience will love.  Don’t waste another minute struggling to create social media posts, contact us at [email protected]