You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘Content is King’, and that compelling website content is vital for businesses of any size. But how does this tie in with SEO, and how can killer content help boost your search engine rankings? 

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing can be equated to something like an extremely subtle sales pitch. You’re not overtly advertising at your audience, but rather trying to build your credibility with them by providing information that’s genuinely helpful. 

Aside from your website itself, this includes additional media like blogs, videos, infographics, ebooks… you know, content. This makes it an extremely useful form of small business marketing because you don’t have to fork out a fortune to put together a simple blog post from time to time. 

By answering their questions, you’re building trust and rapport with your audience – and visibility with the search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation basically does what it says on the tin: it helps search engines understand your website. What it’s all about, who it might help, and whether it’s relevant for specific search queries. 

And that’s where it becomes inseparable from good content. Aside from many other more technical functions (like user experience, navigability, correct labelling of images, no broken links etc) SEO revolves around getting your website to rank well for certain terms. So when someone in your area searches for your product or service, the user’s search engine of choice directs them to your website. 

Part of how it decides whether your site or page is a good fit for the searcher’s query hangs off whether certain keywords or phrases appear on your site. And where do they appear? That’s right – in your content and copywriting.

Without SEO, potential customers can’t find your website, and without awesome content, SEO can’t work.   

Why creating great content should be the main part of any small business’ SEO strategy

Back in the day, SEO was all about trying to cram keywords into every possible space in the hope of ranking. Since then, search engines’ algorithms have become a lot more advanced, and they look at many other factors when deciding how authoritative a website is on a certain topic. Basically, they’ve become smarter. 

This is good news for small businesses, as it takes some of the technicality out of SEO. 

Want great SEO rankings? Make sure your website gives your customers the information they need.

The better you do that – by fleshing out topics in detail and covering different angles in an engaging manner – the more likely search engines are to send organic traffic your way.  

In addition, great content encourages other websites to link back to you as a valuable resource. This also brings with it some extra SEO juice, and is the cornerstone of a more comprehensive content marketing strategy. 

Want some help?

Of course, not everyone is a born writer or has the time to put out killer content on a regular basis. That’s where Hunter and Scribe comes in. We help small businesses in Australia succeed with content marketing that gets real results. Email us on [email protected]