Before the internet, you’d get home and your letterbox would be full of letters, catalogues and flyers. 

These days – not so much.

Most of those printed communications have gone digital in the form of emails, banner ads and SMS blasts.

Print, apparently, is dead, which is why so many people believe that printed marketing no longer works.

Ironically, though, the decline of print volumes is actually the very reason why printed marketing has never been more effective.

Twenty-five years ago, if your small business sent out a piece of direct mail, it would have to compete for attention with many, many other pieces of direct mail.

But today, there’s minimal competition. Why? Because your customers’ letterboxes have never been emptier.

The old rules of marketing still apply

So does this mean that all printed marketing is guaranteed to deliver sales?

Sadly, no.

All it means is that today’s consumers and more likely to see your small business’ catalogues, brochures, flyers, leaflets and postcards than yesterday’s.

If you want to turn those views in to sales, the old rules still apply – your printed pieces still need to have attractive designs, clear messages and compelling calls-to-action.

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