If your small business has an email marketing list, you have an advantage over those that don’t. Email marketing significantly increases conversion rates. It also decreases unsubscribe rates. 

While social media marketing is still an important part of a content marketing plan, McKinsey & Company found that email is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. 

What’s more, Australian small businesses can snag more customers via email due to higher open rates than most other countries. We average an 18.7% open rate compared to the global average of 17.8%.

However, for the best results with email marketing, you need to go one step further and segment your lists. 

What is email segmentation?

The reason many emails go unopened or ignored is because they’re too general. Email segmentation involves breaking up a large mailing list into smaller more groups. By doing so, you can send personalised messages to each group. 

When an email is more relevant, people are more inclined to open it and possibly click-through to your website. More click-throughs mean more conversions. And with more conversions, your revenue goes up. 

How can small businesses segment their email lists?

You can segment customers by demographic, location, shopping habits, preferences, frequent customers, high-value customers, active vs inactive subscribers, new customers vs long-standing customers, and more. 

It takes a little more effort but segmentation works. 

1) It succeeds in getting more people to open an email. OptinMonster shares that 82% of marketers report an increase in open rates when segmenting their mailing lists. 

2) Customers are more likely to respond to an email campaign if it matches their needs or offers something they’re interested in. 

There are some great email marketing software on the market that make managing email campaigns easy for small businesses. Several offer the option to segment lists. 

After you’ve sliced up your mailing list into groups, you need to hit them with persuasive marketing messages. If writing marketing emails isn’t your forte, send it our way. Hunter & Scribe can help with all your marketing communication. Email us at [email protected].