It only takes the human brain seven seconds to form an emotional opinion when you first meet another person. This first impression then shapes your ongoing relationship. That’s why you don’t wear a beer-stained Metallica top to an interview, no matter how cool you think your music taste is.

First impressions of small businesses are the same. Customers are superficial and will judge your brand based on visual appeal – whether that’s a logo, marketing flyer, your invoices, website or business cards.

Graphic design is about more than just making things look pretty. It’s a form of visual communication between you and your customers. It helps sell products and spreads your brand’s messages. 

Telling a story

Business stories matter. Great graphic design tells your small business’ story through evoking images and emotions in customer’s minds. Well chosen fonts, colours and other graphical elements work together to do this. 

Driving conversions 

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, great graphic design can be worth thousands of dollars for your small business. 

A great graphic designer considers more than aesthetics. They look at: 

  • How information is organised – ensuring your messaging is crystal clear
  • Effective design should entice customers to take the right action – for example, clicking the ‘buy’ button, or calling for an appointment

Bad graphic design costs 

Consumers buy based on image. If they like what they see, they will spend their money. If your flyers are a riot of clashing colours and mismatched fonts, then you’ll scare them off. 

It can be tempting to skimp on graphic design, especially when cashflow is tight or a friend swears they are a ‘dab hand’ at Photoshop. However, well-thought-out and effective graphic design makes all the difference to small businesses. Research shows that businesses that invest in graphic design are 50% more profitable than those that don’t.

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