Logos are everywhere. They are on everything from the food we buy to the technology we use. Heck, you’re probably wearing at least five without even trying.

As a small business owner, it’s a given that your company has a logo. Maybe you put a lot of effort into designing it. Or perhaps you pulled a favour from a mate to knock up something on Adobe and thought ‘that will do’.

Either way, you’ve probably not given that much thought to it since. We get it – you’ve got a business to run, sales to make, and a to-do list that stretches the length of Australia. There’s no point revisiting something that’s already done, right?

That would be a mistake. A great logo is one powerful bit of marketing.

Without breaking a sweat, it influences your customers’ purchasing decisions, guiding them to choose you over the competition.

It helps foster loyalty through showing your customers who you are, and what you value.

A professionally designed logo creates an image of a professional company. If you scrimp on logo design, customers will wonder where else you cut corners.

So what makes a great logo ‘great?’

  • It’s not generic. The purpose of a logo is to give your business a clear identity. If it’s a cookie-cutter design that’s pulled off a free logo site then you won’t stand out from the many other small businesses that did that.
  • It’s not confusing. People need to be able to understand what you do at a glance. A great logo should communicate this clearly, linking the viewer to your message quickly and efficiently.
  • On-message typography. Is your brand traditional? Fresh? Modern? Established? Whimsical? Professional? Whatever it is, the choice of font needs to reflect what you stand for
  • Well-chosen colours Like typography, colours do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to communicating your brand’s values. Additionally, you need to consider what your logo looks like in black/white as it’ll be printed at some point.
  • It’s scaleable. A great logo needs to look good in every size imaginable from billboard big to business card small.

Now, take a long hard look at your small business’ logo while reading the list. If a klaxon is sounding, then it’s time to redesign.

Hunter & Scribe’s graphic designers are always happy to discuss logo design. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.