The amount of content created daily is staggering. Instagram users upload around 70,000 posts every minute. YouTube has 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute. Both of these platforms have a high engagement rate. Why? Because they are visual and visual content attracts more attention. 

The different types of visual content 

When creating content, written content often takes precedence. But don’t focus so much on keywords and SEO that you overlook the visual side of your content. Here are a few ways to include visuals in your content marketing strategy. 

Blog images. Blog articles with visuals get 94% more views. Try to Include images like photos (ideally original photos rather than stock photos), infographics, screenshots, or memes in your blog content.

Infographics. Infographics are great because they provide succinct information in a visual way. Because it’s easy on the eye, the information can be absorbed quickly. Great for people with super short attention spans.  

Video. Video is a must in your content marketing strategy. Videos tend to receive much more views than text-based content. Most consumers prefer watching a short explainer or promotional video to learn more about a company’s service or product. 

Illustrations. Illustrations can help simplify complex data or show how a process works. They can also be used to depict situations in a humorous and relatable way.  

Graphs and charts. Wading through numbers, data, and statistics is tedious and time-consuming. Graphs and charts present data in a way that’s quick and easy to grasp. 

Screenshots. Screenshots make a great visual accompaniment when explaining a step-by-step process. 

Why is visual content important for small businesses? 

Human beings are visual by nature. The human brain absorbs visual images 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why creating visual content is important for your small business. 

With so much content on the web, text-only content is not enough to grab attention. A mix of content that includes lots of visuals is a better marketing strategy. 

Visual content can drive more traffic to your website, make it more shareable, and boost conversion rates. Adding a video to a landing page can potentially increase your conversion rate by as much as 86%. Users share infographics three times more than most other types of content. 

If your small business doesn’t have internal resources to create eye-catching visual content, outsource it to a professional. It’s worth the investment. Hunter & Scribe’s team of creative graphic designers can help. Contact us at [email protected].