The purpose of a content marketing strategy is to increase brand awareness and engagement, build a loyal following, and, where relevant, drive sales. 

There are many ways in which content marketing can be put to use – and it can take many forms. These include social media posts, ebooks, podcasts and writing blogs for your small business’ website. 

However, you want your content marketing to have maximum impact for minimal effort. Time and resources are limited after all. So what’s the best place to concentrate your efforts?

Consistent blogging. 

Here are three reasons why blogging is great for your small business:  

It boosts SEO

Consistent posting of relevant content using well-researched keywords ensures that you boost your SEO, meaning search engines favour your content. This will grow your audience, and more users spending time on your site will increase your ratings.

It helps you build and grow relationships

Blogging builds trust in your target audience and creates engagement. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that they can relate to, and blogging is one of the key ways to achieve this.

It positions you as a thought leader

Blogs that contain useful, interesting, and unique information is one of the best ways of establishing yourself as a leader in your field. If your business is considered an expert, a leader, a go-to hub for information, it will lead to higher conversion rates or more enquiries.

Blogging may be key to a content marketing strategy, but many small businesses simply don’t have the in-house power to develop it properly.

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