Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking they’re the hero of their own marketing story. Focusing the spotlight on your company and your expertise may seem like the right thing to do in a marketing scenario, but it won’t necessarily make customers trust you. 

A business’s natural instinct is to focus their marketing on their brand, but that only creates a disconnect with customers. Have you seen how unflattering it looks when someone shines a torch on their face from under their chin? Remember that image next time you are tempted to shine the light on your business.  

How Can You Make Your Customer the Hero?

As a company, you can tell your marketing story with your customer in mind; that way, they are the hero. Let them know that their needs are being considered

Follow these 3 steps if you want your small business marketing to effectively position your customer in the prime spot in your story: 

  1. Understand your customer’s backstory. Research their pain-points and discover what they want. The best way to gain someone’s trust is to show them that you care about them. 
  2. Once you know your customer’s background and understand their pain-points, show them how you can solve their problem. Demonstrate how you will be there to help them through your services, sales, and after-sales support.
  3. Put in the effort to review all your marketing material to ensure your customer is the hero of your story.

When your customer discovers that not only do they feature in your story, but their story aligns with yours, you have the makings of a fairy-tale.

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