Many small businesses in Australia are turning to video content to market their products. Statistics show 60% more engagement and a better return on investment after posting helpful and engaging video content. 

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to where to use video content. With Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok so easily accessible, you have the world at your fingertips. Don’t kill yourself by trying to create content on all these platforms. Rather, choose the ones where your potential customers hang out. 


With video driving more engagement than static photos, Instagram is a great option to try your small business marketing plan. The trick is to “sell” a lifestyle rather than a product. People are drawn to an exciting life, a road less travelled, and people taking risks to live the life they want. 


Facebook is great for tagging! Mention someone on a post and your video will probably end up on their feed. Posting helpful, heart-warming, or exciting content may get your video content shared which organically creates more reach. Just make sure that people want to watch your video. 


If you are marketing to other small businesses, LinkedIn is your best option. The great thing about using video content marketing is that it builds trust over time. When people see your face and hear your voice, they feel like they know you. 

Whichever platform you choose, creating engaging visual content is crucial. Here are five codes to live by:

  1. Always caption; tell people why they need to watch the video.
  2. Use a good thumbnail that attracts.
  3. Don’t make it look like an ad. 
  4. Engage people quickly.
  5. Keep it short.

If you need help when it comes to your small business’ content marketing, outsource it to the experts. Contact us at [email protected]