Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising in existence. And it can work well if your small business goes about it the right way. But there are pros and cons attached to it. These are:


  • Fine-Tuned Targeting. Facebook offers targeting and retargeting options that enable you to show your ads to your target audience.
  • Extensive Analytics. You can check your analytics and ad performance simply by clicking on the “insights” tab. This is what places Facebook advertising ahead of other advertising options.
  • Very cost-effective. With Facebook advertising, you can literally spend $3 and reach a thousand people.


  • Diminished organic reach. You could invest a lot of time in coming up with great content but unless you pay for it, no one is going to see it. A bitter pill to swallow, right? 
  • Requires marketing expertise. If you know next to nothing about Facebook advertising, your ads may not be as persuasive as you originally planned.
  • Time-consuming. It’s impossible to just create a Facebook advert and never look at it again. You will need to follow up on the engagements like clicks, likes and comments.

So, what makes a good Facebook ad?

Any ads you run should:

  • Have a strong image. Eye-catching headlines are a must. Use simple and clear language with an enticing tone and you’ll capture the attention of the majority. 
  • Be super easy to understand. Everyone should be able to view and understand your advert, fourth-graders inclusive. What your audience needs to know is: what are you offering? How will it benefit them?
  • Have a Call-to-Action(CTA). Most people need a boost to do something they had no intention of doing. CTA buttons are more likely to direct your audience to your desired destination. CTA buttons include: Apply now, Book now, et all.

A well crafted and enticing ad could take your small business ahead. For copywriting and design, get in touch with us on [email protected]