Writing a blog might sound like a lot of work but if you fill it with useful, educational and valuable content it can really help your small business. Blogs are a great form of content marketing as they drive new and repeat traffic to your website.  

While the Internet seems to be full of content, it can be hard for people to find material that interests them. But when they find something they like, they’ll keep on coming back for more. So how do you make sure your website’s blog becomes one of their favourite sources? 

By making sure you write about topics that your customers find interesting, informative and engaging. 

Here are five ways that do just that: 

  1. Tell them something new. This may be new information about your products and services or the way people can use those products or services. But it may also be something new about your niche. For example, if you sell cooking equipment then a blog post about an exciting new recipe you’ve discovered will always go down well. 
  2. Tell them something useful. For example, if you sell clothes a handy guide on how to style the latest season’s trends will definitely engage your customers 
  3. Tell them something that gets a response. Encourage readers to respond with their own suggestions and photos which you can then share on social media. 
  4. Make it personal. We all like stories and we all like to connect with other people. So be brave and share some of your story through the blog. This doesn’t have to be anything that you are uncomfortable with but can be as simple as using `I’ and `me’ occasionally.
  5. Not everything is about selling. Avoid the hard sell but do include a way for the reader to further engage. It can be as simple as an encouragement to comment, to follow your business on social media or to sign up for a newsletter. 

We have given you five things to guide your small business blog. But not every blog entry has to do all these things. It is better to keep it simple and follow two or three of our suggestions in each post.

And once you are up and going, track the response that you get from each post. This will help to guide you as to the topics that generate the most interest. If something isn’t resonating with your readers leave the topic alone for a while. 

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