It’s an all too familiar feeling – staring at a blank screen and wondering what on earth you can write about now. 

Coming up with a steady stream of new ideas to write about for your social media posts, newsletters or blog is tough. It feels like feeding a beast that’s never satisfied.

To answer this question, you first have to recap the basics. What is content marketing, and why do people use it for their small business?

Back to basics

In its plainest terms, content marketing is about building an authentic relationship with your customers. You do that through producing content that resonates with them. Done well, content marketing is a very effective way of generating leads and sales.

So given the above, your content ideas have to resonate with your customer. You do that by focusing on meeting the below criteria:

Creating content relevant to your clients

The simplest way to do this is to think about the challenges your customers commonly face. 

Do they ever ask your small business questions about your products or your industry? What type of advice are they seeking?

Giving them something new

If your customers already know what you’re telling them, they’ll find it boring.

One of the easiest ways around this conundrum is to use your own (or a customer’s) personal experience. Tell people what did and didn’t work for you. Always put your own spin on information that already exists to make it unique.

Be interested

If you’re enthusiastic about a topic, it comes through in your writing. The converse is true too.  Why should someone be interested in your content if you’re not?

Be thought-provoking

Give people something to think about by covering something from a new perspective. Have opinions.

Learn from your successes and failures

Revisit your old content, and try and unpick exactly what made it successful or not. If an idea was particularly well received, see if you can tackle it again in a different way.

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