It is essential for small businesses to learn the difference between good and bad content. Why? Because good content is effective content. It attracts potential customers and helps build trust, credibility and authority for your small business.  Bad content bores the customer, so they don’t bother consuming your marketing. 

So how do you distinguish between the two?  

Bad content

  • Talks more about your small business and its products or services than the customer. The customer is the hero, not your business. 
  • Focuses on features rather than benefits.
  • Uses complicated words, and dense long sentences that go on and on.
  • Uses business jargon that is never explained.  
  • Relies on a dense block of text, that’s not broken up by headings and formating. 
  • Wants to appeal to everyone.  

Good content

  • Educates, informs and entertains.
  • Helps customers solve a problem.
  • Focuses on benefits, not features.
  • Speaks to the heart, rather than the head.  
  • Uses simple language and short sentences making it easy to understand. 
  • Is written for a narrowly defined audience. 

The quality of your content matters if you want it to be effective. That means coming up with ideas that your customers find interesting, relevant and helpful. It also needs to be written well. 

Done well, content marketing is a really effective way of attracting customers to your small business. But if you don’t know where to start, or don’t have the writing skills – let us help you! Contact us at [email protected].