Sad but true: Australian small businesses are lagging behind in the digisphere. 

GoDaddy found that 59% of Australian small businesses don’t have a website ‒ and, many of those that do, don’t fully grasp the importance of SEO or know how to optimise their website. 

So let’s discuss why every small business should learn about on-page optimisation and how to implement it.

What is on-page optimisation?

On-page optimisation helps individual web pages rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in online searches. 

The word ‘relevant’ is important here. Your site may be attracting traffic, but are all those visitors relevant to your small business? 

On-page optimisation not only increases traffic to your site but also draws visitors with the potential to become new customers.

Why on-page optimisation is important for your small business

On-page optimisation, when done correctly, will boost your website’s visibility. 

Remember, there are millions of websites out there. Beefing up your website’s SEO increases your website’s chance of being found by your target audience. 

Optimising your website takes time, but, once it’s done, you’ll reap the benefits with increased traffic and higher conversion rates that lead to more sales. That’s why on-page optimisation must be part of your small business marketing plan.

How and where to implement on-page optimisation

Optimising your small business website starts with identifying the keywords your potential customers are using in searches. 

Once you have identified keywords, it’s time to get to work optimisng all your content. On-page optimisation goes deeper than simply tossing a few keywords on your home page. As a general rule, every web page, blog post, image, video, URL, title tag, meta description, heading, subheading, and HTML code should include a keyword.

Sound daunting? Don’t worry ‒ help is out there. Tools like RankWatch and Market Muse will analyse your website and make suggestions on how to improve SEO.

You can also outsource this function to a digital agency, like Hunter & Scribe, that has expert skills in optimising small business websites for better marketing success. Contact us at [email protected].