Whether your small business is selling products or offering services, Google Ads can help you reach potential customers as they search on Google.

Google Search provides two types of results: paid and organic (or free).

When you do a search, Google finds thousands of relevant websites and ranks them according to a complex algorithm that takes into account more than 200 factors, including keyword usage, site structure, site speed, mobile usability and more. Those are your organic search results.

Above those organic results are websites with an ‘Ad’ icon next to them – they’re the paid results that have been organised through Google Ads.

If you want your small business to feature in the paid results, you need to create a Google Ads account and bid for a keyword (such as “24 red roses”). The more popular the keyword, the more you’ll have to bid.

If you successfully bid for a keyword, and someone searches for “24 red roses”, your florist website will then appear in the paid results. 

If that person then clicks on your website, Google will charge you whatever fee you bid for the keyword.

Pros of using Google Ads for your small business

  • Specific – you can target niche audiences, based on interests and demographics
  • Quick – creating an account is fast (and free) process
  • Control – you decide how much to bid for keywords and how much to spend on campaigns
  • Options – you can run your ad campaign on search ads, display, video and app

Cons of using Google Ads for your small business

  • Complicated – it can take a long time to master the intricacies of Google Ads
  • Expensive – you might have to pay a lot of money to secure popular keywords
  • Regulated – if you don’t follow the Google Ads rules around inappropriate content, your campaign will be cancelled

Advertising can be really hard for any small business. Google Ads maybe a perfect fit for you or it may not. Consider the pros and cons carefully. Learn what works best for you.

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