Customer experience is about how customers feel when interacting with your company. If they feel angry, annoyed, or frustrated, they’ll look for a better experience elsewhere. But if they’re happy and satisfied, they’re likely to stick with you. 

What is customer experience and how does it differ from customer service? 

You may think customer experience is just another term for customer service. Yes, they overlap but there is a slight difference. 

Customer service is one aspect of customer experience. Customer service takes place when a customer needs assistance during or after the sale. Customer experience is a broader experience with your brand across different touchpoints.

Your customers interact with your brand in-person, telephonically, and online. 

If it’s in-store, your customer experience strategy should try to tap into all five senses — touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Friendly sales assistants, clean stores, background music, demonstrations and samples, and even how the store smells all contribute to a pleasant experience. 

If it’s telephonically, are calls answered quickly, and how efficiently do call centre agents resolve queries? Research shows that the ideal average hold time is 20 seconds. After holding for 45 seconds, 50% of sales callers will drop the call.

If it’s online, a user-friendly website, simple payment process, and fast delivery will convert more customers.

Why is customer experience so important?

Customer experience directly impacts customer retention. Put effort into making a customer feel valued and you’ll gain their loyalty. A loyal customer will return time after time. A study by Harvard Business Review showed that customers who had positive past experiences with a business spend 140% more than those who had a poor experience.

The more positive experiences customers have, the more they’ll tell others about it. Word-of-mouth and customer reviews are powerful at drawing new customers. Customers trust what others say about your brand more than they trust your own marketing messages. 

Revamp your website for a better customer experience

Your website is often the first place people visit. Hunter & Scribe can help your small business create a better online customer experience by designing an attractive and easy-to-navigate website. 

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