If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know that we’re big fans of WordPress websites. 

Simply put, if you want to build and manage a small business website then it should be your first (and only) port of call. 

So why is WordPress so good? 

As an open-source platform, it’s completely free to use (and always will be). It’s user-friendly so you don’t need to get to grips with code to build a fantastic website. WordPress is customisable too, so it can suit every small business, regardless of your niche or needs. This seemingly endless functionality is thanks to the availability of plugins. 

What’s a plugin? 

A plugin is a small bit of code that add or extend features to your WordPress website. Plugins let you create any type of website you like. You’re probably wondering what type of things they can do. And the simple answer is, if you can imagine it – there’ll be a plugin for that! 

For example, there are plugins that: 

  • Let you open an ecommerce store
  • Help you optimise your site for SEO marketing
  • Optimise and compress your image sizes to improve your website’s loading speed
  • Increase security so your website’s data and content stay safe 
  • Start your own podcast 
  • Build a stunning online portfolio 

Currently, there are 55,000 plugins available on WordPress.org alone, many of which are free to use. You can find plugins from other sources too (though only download them from reputable sites). 

It’s important to remember that not all plugins are created equal. Read reviews, see how many people have downloaded it, and always check when it was last updated. 

Plugins availability on different versions of WordPress

There are actually two versions of WordPress – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The major difference between them is who hosts the website. With WordPress.org you arrange the hosting, while with the .com version it’s taken care of for you.  

WordPress automatically includes some of the most popular plugin functionality on WordPress.com sites. However, you cannot add any plugins to your site unless you pay for a business or ecommerce plan. If you go down the self-hosted route, then the world is your oyster. 

Not sure where to start? Then outsource your small business website’s development to Hunter & Scribe. We build everything from basic static sites to fully customised all-singing-all-dancing websites built from scratch. 

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