If there isn’t room in your marketing budget to pay a web designer to design your business website, then you can set one up yourself on WordPress. 

WordPress has templates to suit every type of small business, plus thousands of plug-ins to spruce up your site. 

What are WordPress plug-ins and how can they benefit my small business?

Plug-ins add extra features and functionality to your WordPress website that can support your small business marketing

For instance, if you choose a basic WordPress theme, it may be missing some crucial features. Some don’t include a contact form for customers to get in touch with you. Well, there’s a plug-in for that. 

Customer reviews are a great way to add credibility to your business but aren’t a standard feature in some WordPress themes. There’s a plug-in for that too, plus many others from email capture forms to eCommerce plug-ins.

Where can I find plug-ins?

WordPress offers over 50,000 plug-ins that are regularly updated for peak performance. Some are free while premium plug-ins are paid for. Adding plug-ins can be done from your website’s dashboard. 

There are also many plug-ins from other developers that are compatible with WordPress websites. Choose wisely, though, as some of these plug-ins can cause your website to become buggy.

Four essential WordPress Plug-ins

To get started, we recommend these four WordPress plug-ins:

  • WP Rocket. Nothing drives customers away from a website faster than a slow website. WP Rocket is a caching plug-in that helps boost your website’s speed. 
  • Yoast SEO helps you optimise content so that search engines can more easily find it.
  • Google Analytics will give you all the important stats on your website’s traffic, including how many visitors are from Australia. 
  • WP Review allows customers to leave a review. The great thing about this plug-in is that it allows Google crawlers to find and list reviews on search pages. 

WordPress plug-ins are easy to install. However, if designing a website isn’t your forte, we can help. Contact us at [email protected] scribe.com.