Old-fashioned marketing is becoming less relevant by the minute in this age of blogging and social media. 

Enter content marketing, which makes use of blogs and social media to deliver interesting, relevant content to existing and potential customers.

That’s why some people believe that content marketing is the future of small business marketing.

As with all things in life, though, content marketing has pros and cons. Here they are:

The pros of content marketing

It’s simple – If you understand the hopes, fears and values of your target audience, it can be easy to create content that they consider interesting and relevant. This, in turn, will make them interested in your small business, which in time may turn into a sale. 

It’s cheap – Blogging and social media is essentially free.

It’s timeless – Once your content is published online, it stays live and searchable forever, unlike, say, a magazine ad or a flyer. 

It reaches the right audience – Content marketing allows you to market directly to your target audience. After all, if they sign up for your mailing list or subscribe to your social media channels, you know they’re interested in what your small business has to say.

It achieves better results – Good content marketing can deliver more leads than traditional marketing, because most purchases these days start with a Google search.

The cons of content marketing

It can be complicated – Many things are hard to do when they’re new.

It takes time – Researching and producing content can be time-consuming. Also, it will usually take at least a few months before your content marketing starts generating leads. 

It needs to be promoted – You might have to ‘sell’ prospects on the idea of consuming your content, which requires hard work.

Most small businesses in Australia would benefit from doing good content marketing. Yes, there are cons, but they’re outweighed by the pros. So if you’re not already doing it, you should start today.

If you’re too busy to produce content internally, you can outsource your content marketing to Hunter & Scribe. Email us at [email protected]