Social media mentions are part of what’s called user-generated content (UGC). Voluntary mentions of your brand are valuable because people trust what others say more than they trust an advert. Here’s why you should be listening to what people are saying about your brand and responding to it.  

What are social mentions?

Every time someone mentions your brand in a social media post, you’ve scored a social mention. This includes:

  • Tweets or retweets that include your Twitter handle or a hashtag.
  • Being tagged in Facebook posts and comments.
  • Instagram posts and comments with your handle or a hashtag.
  • Media and blog mentions and links to your website.
  • Posts that mention your brand but don’t tag you. Yes, even if you don’t get tagged, it still counts as a social mention. Someone is still talking about your brand and that’s what matters. 

Why are social mentions important for your small business?

Social media mentions are often unsolicited. Someone may buy your product, love it, and decide to rave about it on Instagram. Others see it and may be swayed to try it. 

That’s why social mentions are important. They can promote your brand, raise engagement levels, influence your brand’s reputation, and attract new customers. 

However, not all the chatter may be positive. If someone is unhappy with your service or product, they may throw criticism at you on the socials. But even negative feedback is useful. It gives you the chance to respond and correct the situation and it can identify where your brand needs improving. 

How can you track social mentions?

Creating and posting content isn’t where social media marketing ends. You also need to track social media performance. Tracking your social mentions is important for two reasons:

  • Most people who mention a company appreciate a response, especially if it is a complaint. 
  • Negative mentions can quickly spiral into a PR nightmare that can damage your reputation. If you’re monitoring social mentions, you can intervene before it gets out of control.

There are several great social media listening tools that can help you track mentions. Alternatively, outsource it to a social media marketing agency. 

To spark more social media conversations, you need great content. An agency, like Hunter & Scribe, can help create social media content that encourages engagement. Get in touch at [email protected].