If you’ve ever clicked a link and been redirected to a page that says “Error”, then you’ve come face to face with a broken link. 

Broken links are links that just do not work. There are a few reasons why links get broken:

  • The website or page in question is no longer available
  • The page has been moved with no redirect added
  • The website’s URL structure has changed

Should you care if your small business website has broken links?

Yes, you definitely should care, because links to and within a website affect search engine ranking. 

Search engines like Google regard links as signs of a site’s quality. So if your website has dead links, it will lower its ranking.

That’s why every small business needs to make sure that all its links are functional. Having broken or dead links means poor marketing strategy. When potential customers encounter dead links, it’s a massive turn-off.

Finding and fixing broken links

Since dead links create a bad impression, it is best to find them before they cause too much damage to your small business.

You can, of course, do this manually by going through every post and page on the website. You can click the links contained within and then edit the broken ones. This is a time-consuming task, though.

Using a plugin is a better idea as it can accelerate the process, by automatically checking for dead links, as well as taking care of replacement and removal.

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