Want a set-and-forget website? Go for a 1-page static website.

Most small businesses have a ‘dynamic’ website. But for some small businesses, a ‘static’ website might be a better option.

A dynamic website is one where the content changes – adding blogs, for example, or editing product pages.

A static website is one where the content doesn’t change.

Static websites can be more complicated to build (and thus cost more) than dynamic websites. However, they are generally regarded as being faster, more secure and more reliable than dynamic websites.

So if you think your small business won’t need to change its website content for at least three years, you might want to invest in a static website.

Please note, though, that if you ever did decide to change your content, you would need to pay a developer to do it for you. By contrast, if you had a dynamic website, it would be easy to change the content yourself.

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