Want to turn your website into a shopfront? Go for a quality 5-page WooCommerce WordPress site.

The first rule of business: make it easy for people to give you money. That’s why an ecommerce option might be a great addition to your website.

A lot of small businesses have a shopfront and a website. If that’s you, the next step might be to turn your online presence from a standard website into an ecommerce website.

Then you’ll have two shopfronts – one physical and one virtual.

Some customers prefer to visit a physical store. Others, though, find it more convenient to make purchases from their loungeroom. If you don’t offer those customers an ecommerce option but your rivals do, guess where those customers are going to spend their money?

Don’t worry: an ecommerce site doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. A quality 5-page WooCommerce WordPress site is affordable. It also looks good and is easy to manage.

Ecommerce websites are a logical option for small businesses that can distribute their products in the mail. But they also work well for businesses that can take money now (when customers are ready to buy) and deliver an in-person service at a later date.

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