Want an entry-level website? Go for a simple, yet professional, 1-page WordPress site.

A basic 1-page WordPress website can be a really good option for small businesses that are still in start-up mode.

Obviously, every small business needs a website. If you don’t have one, customers will question your professionalism and credibility. But when funds are limited, it can be hard to find the money to invest in a website.

That’s why basic 1-page websites are such a nice option. They cost less than standard 5-page websites, yet they still look professional.

Some small businesses use 1-page websites as a starting point rather than a final destination. The idea is that you invest in a basic website when funds are tight and your offering is limited. Later, as your business expands, you upgrade to a 5-page website.

If you do invest in a 1-page website, don’t make the mistake of including too much text and too many images. The more content you add, the more cluttered your website will look.

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