Ever made a spur-of-the-moment impulse buy? We all have. And the reason we give in is almost always because the messaging around the product grabbed us by the feels. 

Humans are driven by their emotions – particularly when it comes to purchasing decisions. That’s why the best marketing is aimed at customers’ hearts, not their heads. 

Here’s how to do that in your content marketing.  

Be genuine 

We respond best to content that we can relate to on a personal level. By being open about your own feelings and experiences, you can create a much deeper emotional connection with your prospects.

And you can use this technique regardless of the type of content you’re crafting, whether it’s an awesome blog post, a landing page, or even your FAQ.  

Tell a story 

Narratives tend to be a whole lot more memorable than a dry listing of facts and figures. By all means provide the data to back up what you’re saying, but don’t forget how compelling a great marketing story can be.  

Humans have been indulging our fiction addiction for millennia, and tapping into this craving is a sure-fire way to boost sales.  

Show what’s in it for them

People are driven by three basic instincts – to feel safe, to feel sexy, and to feel accepted. 

If you can appeal to any one of these innate desires, you’ve already got the reader’s attention. And if you can then convince them that your product or service can help them satisfy that need, the sale is as good as yours. 

Invite the reader to get involved 

In case you missed it, people love voicing their opinions online! Whether it’s through polls, quizzes, or any kind of interactive media, give your readers a platform to share their thoughts too. This makes them feel heard, valued, and appreciated. Emotions they now associate with your brand. 

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