It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, one fact holds true. Running a small business will always demand more work from you than there are hours in the day. 

Doing everything yourself only gets you so far. Unless you’re superhuman, burnout beckons if you don’t consider bringing in help. 

Outsourcing business tasks is one solution to this conundrum.

The advantages of outsourcing

  • Saves time, allowing you to concentrate on strategic activities 
  • Saves money (compared to hiring employees)
  • Gives you instant access to expertise and specialised skills
  • Reduces your stress and workload

Tempted? Well, here are the top four tasks small businesses should strongly consider outsourcing.

  • Bookkeeping & payroll. Financial tasks are key business functions that are definitely best left to the experts. Get your books wrong or make a simple mistake with taxes, and you’re setting yourself up for an unpleasant date with the Australian Taxation Office!  
  • Web development. Every small business needs a website, and while it is possible to do it yourself, it will take you weeks and weeks of after-hours work to do so. Rather hire an expert who can create you a sleek, professional and user-friendly site. They can update and maintain it for you too, ensuring your 24/7 online face to the world represents your business properly. 
  • Content marketing & social media. Marketing is the lifeblood of every successful business. However, it needs doing consistently to get results. Outsourcing your content marketing means you can engage and grow your customer base without consuming your precious time or energy.
  • Graphic design. This is definitely one area in which hiring professionals guarantees better results than a DIY approach. Professional designers will ensure your brand messages and values are communicated clearly, skilfully and in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  

It’s wise to focus on your weakest areas. If you know you struggle with marketing, outsource that function first. 

If this blog post has piqued your interest in outsourcing your content creation, web development or graphic design, then get in touch with Hunter & Scribe at [email protected]. Our experts will focus on what they do best, so you can focus on running your small business successfully.