Having informative and well-written content in your newsletters doesn’t help if subscribers don’t even open them.

But there are ways to increase subscribers’ willingness to open your emails. And one of these ways is to include fun content that readers look forward to. 

Here are three fun content ideas to try:

1. Include local content

Many people love reading about themselves or their neighbours and they may enjoy a short feel-good story about something that happened in the neighbourhood (or in Australia). 

And you can even involve readers by asking them to submit links to these stories.

Or dedicate a section in which readers can publicly thank someone else.

2. Include a quote from a famous person

People love quotes and the proof is the thousands of websites and apps that collect and publish these quotes. 

You can also ask readers to submit their favourite quotes. 

3. Include a cartoon

Many people enjoy cartoon-like illustrations. If buying cartoons from a syndicate is too expensive, you could partner with a local cartoonist. There are thousands of cartoonists publishing on the web that would love some exposure. 

Or you can hire a cartoonist to illustrate some aspect of your business in cartoon form, like drawing caricatures of your staff.

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