If you’re a small business owner you might write your own content for your website, newsletters or blogs. 

But between running your business and personal life, do you really have the time that it takes to write compelling content?

Here are three reasons you should consider outsourcing your content writing:

1. It’s not your field of expertise

If you’re running your own business, then you’re probably an expert in whatever product or service you’re offering. Similarly, content writers are experts in writing and words. 

If you’d ask a lawyer to draw up a contract for you and a mechanic to service your car for you, why wouldn’t you ask a content writer to write your blog for you?

2. Practise makes perfect

The more you practise, the better you become. That’s why you’re good at running your own business … but maybe not so good at writing compelling marketing content. 

Content writers read and write blogs, social media posts, website copy and other content, day after day after day. If you outsource your content writing to a professional writer, you get the benefit of their years of experience.

3. They know what to emphasise

Good content writers research the field they write about. And because they have customers in many different fields, they pick up information on a broader range of subjects than most. They also learn which sources are trustworthy and accurate. 

So it’s easier for them to write content that speaks to your customers, because they know what your customers are up to and most likely what your competition is doing.

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