Have you noticed that the internet is full of lists? Top ten songs, top five apps, seven best content marketing tips for small businesses and so on.

And a lot of content is organised in unnumbered lists, or bulleted lists. So why all the lists?

1. It’s concise

Using bullet-points encourages you to provide information in short snippets, which means you’re more likely to include only meaningful information 

Numbered lists force you to find a short descriptive heading, which makes it easy for readers to understand the content. 

2. It’s organised

People want to find what they’re looking for immediately – preferably on page one. A website that is organised into lists makes this easy, especially if each list has a heading. 

And people can quickly see what other information is on the website.

3. It’s readable

Technology has given people short attention spans. But it’s easy to skim a long list of bulleted items.

In contrast, reading several paragraphs takes longer because there are more words. This increases the chances of someone becoming distracted and losing interest. 

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